The Daily Sacrifice

Most consider the sacrificial system as done away by Christ and therefore neglect to study it.  As a result there is an almost total lack of knowledge or understanding on the subject.  All sacrifices pointed to the sacrifice of Jesus Christ.  The different sacrifices pointed to different aspects of His ultimate sacrifice.  Failure to study these sacrifices results in a lack of understanding and depth of knowledge concerning the Atoning Work of Christ. The sacrifices brought by individuals were typical of the sacrifice of Christ on behalf of individuals.  The Daily Sacrifice was typical of His work on behalf of the whole nation! 

Individual sacrifices pictured Christ bearing each individual's sins.  The Daily Sacrifice pictured Christ as bearing the collective sins of the whole nation.  The bearing or covering of an individual's sins, reconciled a person to God and permits that person to maintain a relationship with God.  The bearing or covering of the whole nation's sins, reconciled the whole nation to God and allows the whole nation to receive the national blessings pronounced by God for a Godly nation.

The Daily Sacrifice is about Jesus Christ bearing the sins of the whole nation, thus allowing for God's blessings on that nation.  Before Christ, this was a physical ritual, looking forward to a better sacrifice.  Now it has become a Spiritual matter.  The individual sacrifices picture the sacrifice of the ultimate LAMB OF GOD being applied to each individual REPENTANT sinner and the Daily pictures Christ bearing the sins of the whole nation.  The EZEKIEL 4 AND THE  DAILY SACRIFICE page explains this futher and shows how God has blessed Judah for forty years and the other Israelite nations for one hundred and ninety years.

When Jesus Christ stops His bearing of our national sins, then all God's blessings (including His merciful PROTECTION Deu 28) WILL STOP!  Then the "son of perdition" will be set up and the tribulation will begin, 2 Thes 2:3.  When Christ stops bearing the national sins and therefore stops the national blessings, He will do so because of the overspreading of our abominations, our national sins, Dan 9:27.  He WILL NOT STOP BEARING THE SINS OF TRULY REPENTANT INDIVIDUALS!  Rather He will CONFIRM HIS MARRIAGE COVENANT  WITH THEM, by caring for them as any loving husband would care for his beloved!  Yet, He WILL stop blessings the nations as a whole; and because of this he will remove His faithful from out of those nations BEFORE they receive His correction Rev 12:14 

GOD IS GOOD, HIS MERCY ENDURES FOREVER! Only the wicked will be corrected.

The stopping of the Daily is a spiritual matter.  A physical sacrifice might take place, but it is not necessary to fulfill the scriptures.